Sleep Soundly – Guitar Music for Relaxation and Sleep – Instant mp3 Download



Do you have trouble falling asleep? Do you lie awake for hours with your mind racing and sleep eluding you? This music will help. Ryan Judd, a board-certified music therapist with a master’s degree in psychology, has composed music specifically to help ease you into a deep, restful sleep.These instrumental guitar compositions are based on research that demonstrates the positive effects of music on insomnia. Studies published in medical journals have concluded that music can assist in improving sleep quality of patients with acute and chronic sleep disorders. This evidence-based music program for insomnia will help you relax, calm your mind and sleep soundly.

The unique features of the CD include:

  • A Music-Assisted Progressive Muscle Relaxation track that helps relax your body and calm your mind
  • A calming ocean track that continues throughout the whole CD and even between tracks so there is no break or silence between songs
  • All tracks are played at 60 beats per minute (the resting heart rate)

Take a listen to the full tracks below

1 Progressive Muscle Relaxation

2 Stay Awhile

3 A Step Closer

4 Storyteller

5 Dreamscape

A Winter’s Ballad

7 Bittersweet


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